About us

COUNCIL GLOBAL is the international consultancy brand that was developed within the COUNCIL group, whose consultancy activity to companies was founded in 1985. We provide consultancy, accounting and taxation services, economic and financial studies, systems design and software development, professional training and the design, production and organization of events and activities.

COUNCIL GLOBAL has marked its evolution by the definition and implementation of strategies, which lead to a continuous improvement of competitiveness, in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. COUNCIL GLOBAL professionals are graduated in business management, economics, accounting and business sciences, in addition to receiving specific professional training.


The position of COUNCIL GLOBAL in the value chain is to reinforce all the dynamic factors of competitiveness in the global market, developing processes of innovation and differentiation of greater added value in the economic-financial area, to increase diversified partnerships with the main markets, to recognize that the reorganization for external markets is a decisive priority to foster conditions for growth in the long term and requires a change in the allocation of resources.